Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pre Slumber Party-Party

The girls thought it would be a fab idea to have a sleep over last night because Bree & Lynae can't make it to Kailee's party this weekend [they are going to L.A]! They are really bummed about not being able to go. Solution ... come up with 1 million [or so] reasons to have a pre slumber party-party! It didn't take them much convincing, I really didn't mind! After all, according to Kailee, I would be the 'push over parent'! Not just the push over between Ray and I, but out of all of her parents! WHAT?! We all know we had one parent that was 'easier to persuade' [as I'd prefer it be called] then the other, but did you ever tell them that?! And, if you did, I'm sure you didn't say, 'but your my push over parent'! I guess it could be worse! ;)

Once I agreed to their lil plan there was lots and lots and lots of screaming! That was my 'oh-no-what-did-I-just-get-myself-into-moment', but they were all really good! Ray missed out on all the fun because he was working, but he stayed updated via text, hehe!

The girls got up this morning and I made them some French Toast, they played a lil bit, and now they are all over at Meya's house swimming [she was out of town last night]!

Bree, Tay, & Kai
Lynae & Alliyah


Dancing or something

Silly girlies
The lil girls heading upstairs to play Barbies & watch a movie
The big girls still being crazy!

Aw, to be a tween again!


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