Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gramps!

Grandpa with some of his Grand kids! He looks so happy!

Friday the 3rd marked Great-Grandpa Ray's 79th birthday ... so we went over to his house [with all the rest of the fam] to help eat all of his food! =) Kidding, sorta ... Tati and all the rest of the Aunties helped make some delish Mexican food and Maggie [Uncle's girlfriend] made her infamous margaritas, yum! We ended up staying there until just before midnight, just hanging out in the backyard [it was nice]. The adults were all talking while the kids danced around and played games. They got a game of duck, duck, goose going ... I got lucky and was holding Justin, so I never got 'goosed'! But it was good entertainment watching grown adults chasing each other around and then sitting in the mush-pot!

Kailee, Erika, Alliyah

Kai is so silly

Kai, Alyssa, Allie

Leann & Kailee

Alliyah is so my daughter ... doing the 'peace' sign! haha Didn't even notice she was doing that until I was uploading the pixs

The Conga line

Blowing out his candles


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