Friday, July 24, 2009

Honest Scrap Blog Award

*Blushing* ... OH.EM.GEE, me?! I'm so excited, thanks, JoJo! Before I can officially accept this award, I have to pass it on to others and say 10 things about myself that not everyone knows!

  1. I get really nervous when other people drive me especially on the freeway and when there is traffic! I think I need medication for this problem, hehe!
  2. I've never seen most of your 'classic' movies like, Steel Magnolias! I did finally see, Pretty Woman though! Just not a movie person, I guess?!
  3. I hate reading!
  4. I 'wear' glasses, or I should say I'm supposed to wear glasses. I've had glasses since I was in 4th grade! Wish I could do contacts, but those kinda freak me out!
  5. I never used to eat meat except for Chicken, but then I started having babies and wanted them to get all the right nutrients, so that no eating meat thing went right out the window!
  6. Can't stand animals unless they are in a tank, but I'm becoming a little partial to our doggy!
  7. I'm really shy, but wish I was more outgoing!
  8. I played softball for over 10 years and I miss it lots!
  9. There are so many dreams and goals I have left to pursue!
  10. One more, one more ... ugh ... ugh ... I'm sleep walker and talker, although I haven't walked in my sleep since high school!
Blogs I nominated ....

I was supposed to nominate a couple more, but I wanted to give an award because I thought they deserved it, not just for the sake of giving one! ;)

Yay, I officially have my first award! I feel like I should give an acceptance speech now, lOl! Kidding!


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