Saturday, July 23, 2011

God Bless America

4th Of July is one of our favorite holidays!  It's one of the few holidays that we will for sure all be together!
  We couldn't decide where we were celebrating, we had a couple of different invites.  But, we decided to go to Shisha's [Ray's Aunt]!  They always have a huge block party!  & their neighbors always put on an awesome firework show!

Kai - Dae - & A
My gosh - Alliyah is SO dark!!
Finally - all of our cuties!  We sure are lucky!
Allie's cute lil 'firework do'
Alliyah setting off fireworks
Her cousin gave her a 3 ft. sparkler!
Stopping to pose - always!

Getting ready for the show
I don't what they are all called, but this was a pretty one on the ground
One of our fav!
Cell phone pix - not 1/2 bad!!

Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Water Fight/Fun

It was really hot out, so Ray & I set up the lil kiddie pool for the kids.  Started out as innocent fun and soon turned into a full fledged water fight!

Surfer dude
He's too cool with his shades on

Just one squirt & it's all down hill from here!
"Oh, yeah"?!

"Well, take that"!
"& that"

"& some of this"
"You're going down"

Dae stayed in the background the whole time squirting everyone
@ this point I put the camera down because Justin needed help getting in the pool!  Big mistake ... they all attacked me!  I was drenched, but it felt so good - it was hella hot!  lOl!

The girls having fun

Just watered all the bushed for over an hour!  He was loving it!
After our water fight, we all got ready & headed over to Grandpa's.  We were celebrating his 81st birthday!  It was still really hot out and with the whole family in the house, it was even hotter.  Some of us were sitting in the front yard together and some of us in the back!  I headed to the back to check on a couple of the kids & I found this!

His Auntie Jen stripped him down and gave him a hose! 
Trying to 'sneak' up on Uncle Doobie
& he got him

Good times!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Well ... before we get to the BBQ, a couple randoms ...

Kailee's cute hair!  A side pony w/a twist!
The girls with their Uncle Bobert!
& BBQ time!  My cousin, her hubby, and my niece came over for a BBQ.  My cousin hadn't see Kailee yet and wanted to come visit - she loves her some Kai!  

Ray made some super scrumptious Carne Asada!
& I made some white sangria! 
& I probably should have named this something else because I realized there aren't any pictures BBQ'n - it's all of what we did after the BBQ!

Fire Pit Fun
Marshmallow roastin'

Yuck, mouth filled w/marshmallows
Total concentration
My niece Joselyn [Josie] & Kailee!  Josie LOVES all the kids, especially Kailee!
Such a cutie!
Havin' fun!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Father's Day Fun

Well, it's been a while!  We went from Easter to Father's Day!  Lagging?! ... just a tad!  

We spent Father's Day in Old Sac [ramento].  

First up on the list - Train Museum

They are the best!
 Pretty neato
 Daddy's eyes are 1/2 closed, but everyone else is smiling and cute!  lOl

Then some walking around downtown:

I just adore this picture!  I can 'hear' them giggling - just look at their faces!
 They were having a blast

 So grown up!
 "Sissy, really"?

& after walking around ... we started to work up an appetite, so it was off to Joe's Crab Shack!
Beer & Rootbeer

 It was his birthday - so he got up and did a cheer!  Remind me to never go to the crab shack for my birthday!
 Dae-Dae & Daddy
 Ready to get their grub on
 A crab-off??
 & their goofy
 This was all for Ray - lOl
After a seriously scrumptious dinner - it was off to catch a baseball game!  I was a little worried the kids would be too tired by this point, but they did great & had a blast!
We had some kick ass seats!  We had to take an elevator down to our seats and when the elevator opened up, there was a gentleman there to greet us.  He gave us complimentary drinks & sun flower seeds!  Once we got to our seats we didn't have to leave for a thing, we had an awesome waitress! 

They are too cute!
 Hey guys, take a picture with me
 We were practically sitting in the dug out - our seats were right next to it!  The River Cats were playing  Fresno [which is the Giant's Minor team]!  We 'knew' a couple of guys that were playing that night!

 Justin was dancing all night - this is him "I shakin my boo-we"!
He was shaking his booty so much he ended up on the jumbo tran!  Look closely and you can see everyone!
 The sky sure was beautiful that night!
 Getting ready for the fireworks - perfect way to end an awesome day!

Happy Father's Day!!