Sunday, March 29, 2009

Summer already?!

Not really, but it was 78 degrees here and the kids totally thought it was time to go swimming! They put water in their sandbox [there was no longer sand in it], and played in it ... swimsuits and all! Justin turned into a lil prune, I didn't think I'd ever get him outta there!

Dinner & A Movie

Friday night Ray had to work, so my Mom and I took the kids to dinner and a movie! We went to see Monsters Vs. Aliens, cute lil movie, but it totally ROCKS in 3D! Aside from Disneyland, we had never been to a 3D movie before! And, it was Justin's first time going to the movie theaters. He did really well! The last twenty minutes he decided he had enough and wanted to walk around. Luckily, the theater wasn't super crowded, so I took him down to the bottom to walk around a bit!

Before the movie started we took the kids to play in that oh-so-sanitary kiddie play area at the mall, they loved it! Damon ran into a friend from school there, and totally loved running around with him!

Damon and his lil buddy ... I could hardly catch him!

Justin made a new friend too

Thinks he's such a big boy

Miss Alliyah

Friday, March 27, 2009

Rainbow Fish

Damon and his classmates went on a field trip today to see the play, Rainbow Fish. I was lucky enough to be one of the chaperons. While we were waiting for the bus to arrive, the kids were singing a song in class! Here's a really short lil video...

Anywho, the play was at Tracy's Grand Theater ... hehe! Yes, it's really called the Grand Theater. They redid the whole thing, it's actually pretty nice ... Kathy Griffin even came to perform there! Here's a picture of half of the sign from the Grand ol' theater
The play was really cute, and Damon always loves a bus ride! We may have to check to see what other kinds of shows/plays they have at the theater!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's that time of year again

Softball mania has offically begun! Allie had her first softball game on Saturday. It was a bit chilly outside, but luckily it didn't rain! Alliyah would've been totally bummed! She did so awesome ... she had two hits and if the first baseman and catcher would've been paying attention, she would've gotten a couple of outs too! lOl!

She has a whole cheering section there for her ... My parents and sis came, Grandpa Ray, Tati, Uncle Paul, Aunt Michele, Alyssa, and Matt.

Alliyah in the dugout, getting ready to bat

On her way to third

@ third

Justin 'watching' sissy play

Don't ya just wanna squeeze him

Damon cheering sissy on, or maybe eating! =)

Justin pretty much sat and cuddled with Great Grandpa Ray the whole game, too cute!

After the game we went home and rested for a lil bit. A lil later we went over to Uncle Paul's house for his birthday celebration!

P.S. You can view some pictures of Alliyah @ this photography link ~>
She's number 10!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Official BIG boy

Ray and I took Justin to get his very first haircut! We had been procrastinating the inevitable because we knew he'd lose his lil baby look, but he does look so handsome! He did so good! He didn't cry at all ... he wanted his hands free from the 'cape' they put on him, and he wanted to get down and walk around and check things out. But, once his hands were free and he had a lollipop to keep him busy everything was fine!

His before look ... sporting that 70's style! =)

Isn't he the cutest!!

Picture Day

Today was picture day @ school! The kids looked so cute! Alliyah wore her Easter dress, so when I post Easter pictures pretend you haven't seen it! =) Damon's shirt was a little big, but I realized the shirt I pulled out for him last night he wore to the beginning of the school years pixs, and we certainly can't have that. I went out and bought him a new shirt this morning, but he wasn't with me to try it on, so there ya have it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Micke's Grove

Every Monday the kids get out of school early! Yesterday started out to be a really nice day, ended up being a bit cloudy, but still warm out. Since the weather was nice ... we wanted to do something outside! We ended up picking up the kids from school and taking them to Micke's Grove. They have a small zoo and a few rides. The kids had a good time.

The past few weeks we've noticed Justin becoming so independent [such a big boy], or so he thinks. He wants to do everything by himself, too cute [well most of the time]!

Here's Justin strolling along! He didn't want to be in the stroller, or to be held, but he walks soooo slow, lOl!

Checking out the turtles, fish, and monkeys ... and maybe licking the glass, real sanitary!

Alliyah checking out the birds

Oh, Alliyah also brought her bestie, Courtney!

They are so cute!

Time for a few rides!

The end! =)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Allie's 6th Birthday [Tea Party Style]

Alliyah's birthday festivities finally came to an end this past weekend [we've only better celebrating for the last 2 weeks ~ haha]! On Saturday she had her first slumber party ... all went well! Kyrah, Karlie, and Mikayla spent the night. They played dress-up and Wii, watched movies, and ate lots of popcorn [no slumber party is complete without popcorn]!

Finally, tea party time! I orginally saw this cake that was super cute and perfect, but I forgot to order it, duh! I was going to bake one, and actually attempted it, but for some reason the cake didn't bake right in the middle. Luckily, plan C worked out, and I ordered one Saturday night [wow, super last minute]!

Still cute!

Some of the decor

We served heart shaped PB&J's, fresh fruit, and cookies! While all the girls were seated around the table myself and a few helpers walked around with trays of food [to serve the royal tea goers]. In lieu of tea we used Apple Juice. The girls really loved all the simple food! We played hot potato using a fairy wand instead of a potato ... we ended playing twice because the girls were having so much fun [who knew]! The party favors were handed out at the beginning of the party because each girl got fairy wings, a halo crown, and wand. I was going to have a lil dress up station [full of dress up clothes], but didn't end up putting it out because all of the girls were already dressed up!

Random pixs from the party ... sorry for the overload!

Damon was hanging out with the girls

The girlies all dressed up, they all looked adorable, especially Maddy

Damon being chased by all the girls ... you guessed it, he loved it! =)

The party was tons of fun, one of my fav, but I say that every time we have another party, lOl!