Thursday, March 1, 2012

My 21 + 9 bday

For the longest time I knew I wanted to do an 80's party for my big 3-0!  My mom basically planned the whole thing, she did an amazing job!  It was one of the best birthday parties I have ever had!  There were so many people who were able to make it out for my special day and I felt so loved! 

Rubic cube
 I used to love these things
 House converted into a pac-man game

 Party favors

 So fun!

 Crazy cousin
 A couple of old and dear friends!!

My hubby's friend, Kevin ... made this amazing cake!  It was so yummy!
 Happy Birthday to me!

MC Hammer, me, & the funky bunch

It's MJ
 Mr. T
 My pookie bear

I think another costume party is a must!  I LOVED seeing everyone dressed up, it was so fun! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Park Fun

October and beautiful weather ... a day @ the park!  While the kiddos were running around burning off some energy ... I was sitting under a tree doing some homework!  We had a nice picnic too!

Silly boy!
String cheese
Handsome lil man
Can't believe he'll be 4 soon! 
Damon's silly face

After the park we came home and worked on a pumpkin!  They all helped to paint her!  Isn't she purtty!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Day Of School

Everything laid out the night before ... all ready for 1st & 3rd grade!!
Our big 3rd grader
Our big 1st grader
They are too cute!
Some of the neighborhood kids getting ready to walk to school together
Aiden & Damon
[They missed each other]
Allie & her bestie Haylee
Daddy walking her to class
Listening to her teacher [& taking a pix]
[Oops, outta order] Giving sissy big squeezes before we leave
Tay & Kai
The last year Kailee will be able to walk Tay to school [sad]!  Taylor will be in HS next year, so it's a little too far for walking!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The boys  played soccer over the summer!  The season ended a couple of days before school started.  Damon totally loved it and is a natural lil Beckham!  He had never played [on a team] before, but did amazingly well!  Justin did great too, there is seriously nothing cuter then a bunch of three year olds playing soccer!

Ok - this isn't soccer, it's swimming, but he's just so cute!
Justin attentively listening to coach!  ;)
Dae-Dae on the go
Justin about to score a goal!  He was so proud of himself [it was for the other team, but we won't tell him]
Go team!
So proud of himself
Sissy taken a break from cheering on her bros ... off to the playground!
Watching Damon [& taken a picture break]!
So big!!
"That is so funny"!
Damon scoring his 2nd goal of the summer & celebrating!
Pure concentration!  =)

He's guarding this lil girl ... if you look closely, she's sticking her tongue out at him!  lOl

The boys didn't play for a league, it was a program put on through the city, more like a camp.  They practice drills and have games amongst each other vs. other teams!  It gets them ready to play for a league!  Justin will be too young for league next year, but hopefully Damon will want to play!  We sure love watching them!

P.S. Pixs are way outta order!  =)