Monday, February 23, 2009

Excited or Nervous

Well, I've been super excited to go to Vegas, but now that it's almost here I feeling more and more nervous! I'm guessing it's probably because we've NEVER left the kids! They have spent the night with my parents here and there, but we were always right around the corner [literally] and it was never even a whole 24 hours! We haven't even left yet, and I already miss them, lOl! I'll be fine once we get there, I'm sure! Since we've never left the kids, this is of course the first time Ray and I have ever gone anywhere without them, so it'll be nice for it to just be us! Gotta keep telling myself that ... no diapers, no crying, sleeping in ... ok, I think I can deal for a few days, lOl!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our weekend ...

Our weekend actually started on Thursday! After the kids got out of school we went home got Allie changed and headed off to softball practice. When she was done with practice we went to Stockton. "Uncle Becky" and the boys came down and we hadn't seen them since Christmas! We hung out and had pizza with everyone! It was nice! Friday the kids went to school, and Allie came home with a big surprise! She was awarded, 'Student of the month'! We were so proud of her! Not to mention she came home with an AWESOME report card!

Later Friday night we went over to Shisha's house for her surprise birthday party! She was very surprised! We hung with the fam and had dinner and dessert!! Didn't get too many pictures, but this one of Justin and his Great-Grandpa is one of my fav's!

Saturday morning I went to get my hair cut! Of course Miss Allie came with me! After I was done getting my hair cut we went on a Mommy-Allie breakfast date! Here's my new 'do'!

Allie and I went came back home! I got the boys ready and we all went over to Grandpa's house. We just hung out and Becky and the boys came over! The kids all played together and pretended they were super heroes!

Today we are just going to be hanging out at home! I have lots to get down before Ray and I go on vacay next week!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Miss Rachael Ray

Alliyah loves to help cook and bake! Which is more then fine by me ... maybe she can take over for me! lOl! For Christmas she got some fun cooking things! She was helping me make spaghetti the other night, and she looked so cute!

After dinner Damon and Alliyah played together and then decided to watch a movie together in sissy's bed. They are total besties [they always have been and I'm enjoying every minute of it, while it last]!!

Being silly!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ring around the potty

Damon has started to use the big potty instead of his potty chair, so he has recently become very fascinated with flushing! I'm sure you can guess where this is headed!

Today he took a brand new roll of toilet paper and stuck a little bit of the paper in the water and flushed it ... but, since the piece was still attached to the roll it unraveled the toilet paper [nearly the whole roll] while flushing! The toilet got plugged and there was lovely toilet water spilling out all over the floor! What else can you do besides laugh and take a couple of pictures?!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Justin strolling around the family room

Well ... not quite, but isn't he just the cutest?! This is from when he was first learning how to walk. I forgot I took this video! I don't know how to flip the video right side up yet, but I'll figure that out! Justin is so proud of himself! When he walks now he looks like a lil opma loopma, lOl!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl & Family

Every year for the Super Bowl we go over to Rays' Grandpa's house! The whole family is always over, and it's lots of fun. The kids are always running around, the guys are in one room [usually yelling @ the TV], and the girls are in another room trying to catch the commercials! This year was no different! There was waaay to much food though, I think I'm still full! I snapped a few pixs, but haven't uploaded them to the computer! Finally, a few pixs! Enjoy!

Just kickin' back

Waiting for the 3d commercials

Sleeping with his lil baby booty in the air

Allie & Shel

Damon & Matt

Jungle Green Justin's 1st Birthday Party

Justin's birthday party was this past Saturday, but his birthday was really a few days before Christmas. When I was pregnant with Justin and found out that he was due on Christmas Eve, I decided I would move his birthday to exactly a month after he was born, lOl! But really, who wants a birthday so close to Christmas?!

I wanted to do something a little different for his party, not your typical theme! I ended up deciding on a Crayola Crayon theme! It was lots of fun!

So, here's what I ended up doing ... When the kids first arrived they got their name tags with their new names, which were crayon names of course and they went and searched for their coloring book page [which was a picture of themselves]! I had a pin the "Y" on the Crayola crayon [there is a pix] and a ring toss game with inflatable crayons. I had a play-doh station [huge hit], crayons/markers/construction paper station, and a no mess finger-paint station all at one long table. There was a second table set up that had stickers, crayons/makers, glitter [glad it was in the garage because it was a HUGE mess], and those lil foam things to create/design their own goodie bags! I finally found these ginormous [ultra healthy, lOl] lollipops that doubled as a center piece and part of the kids goodie bag treats. I wrote with sidewalk chalk on the driveway, it said, "Happy Birthday King Justin"! I left the chalk out so the kids could add to it [they loved that]! We had a bubble machine going [def. can't go wrong w/that] ... but I ended up running out of bubbles half way into the party ... note to self: I need to purchase massive quantites of bubbles for the next party, lOl! I had a big piece of butcher paper for everyone to write/draw/color on for Justin. I also made a playlist [well my sis made a playlist =)] to play with every "color" song you could possibly imagine! Then before the kids left they grabbed their goodie bags ... put their big ol' lollipop, crayon bubbles, crayons, and coloring book pages of themselves! Nowon to the best part .. pixs!

One of the name tags [after Daddy's favorite college team]

One of the coloring pages, it's Kyrah

The lollipops

The "pin-the-y" game [Made by Allie w/a lil help from Grammie]

Inflatable Ring Toss Game

The Banner

The girls making their goodie bags

Just about to start singing to our baby boy


He did pretty good

The real cake

Time for presents

His new wheels ... fully equipped with a remote control for Mommy & Daddy to drive him around, working headlights, a horn, and just what every kids needs an iPod hook-up, lOl!

He was pooped