Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our weekend ...

Our weekend actually started on Thursday! After the kids got out of school we went home got Allie changed and headed off to softball practice. When she was done with practice we went to Stockton. "Uncle Becky" and the boys came down and we hadn't seen them since Christmas! We hung out and had pizza with everyone! It was nice! Friday the kids went to school, and Allie came home with a big surprise! She was awarded, 'Student of the month'! We were so proud of her! Not to mention she came home with an AWESOME report card!

Later Friday night we went over to Shisha's house for her surprise birthday party! She was very surprised! We hung with the fam and had dinner and dessert!! Didn't get too many pictures, but this one of Justin and his Great-Grandpa is one of my fav's!

Saturday morning I went to get my hair cut! Of course Miss Allie came with me! After I was done getting my hair cut we went on a Mommy-Allie breakfast date! Here's my new 'do'!

Allie and I went came back home! I got the boys ready and we all went over to Grandpa's house. We just hung out and Becky and the boys came over! The kids all played together and pretended they were super heroes!

Today we are just going to be hanging out at home! I have lots to get down before Ray and I go on vacay next week!

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  1. Love your new hair! I love that cut! Have fun with your hubby on vacation!