Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Parade

Allie & Dae had a Halloween parade @ school. This year was a lot less chaotic now that they go to the same school! I tried to have Justin dress up to go to their school too, but he wasn't having it [wish us luck tonight or he'll be trick or treating as himself]!

On our way to school! They picked out their costumes this year w/out any guidance from yours truly!

Damon is holding strong with the pirate choice for the last 3 outta 5 years! & Allie is finally a witch, she's wanted to be one for the last 2 years.
Haylee . Talia. Alliyah
Her lil friends
Waiting in line
He's spotted us & he's waiving! Don't ya just want to squeeze him?!
While I was helping in Allie's class ... Daddy snuck over to Damon's class, they happened to be @ recess!
Damon's class had a lil party, but didn't ask for parent volunteers! =(
Making himself right at home in sissy's desk
Talia & Allie
Waiting to pick up Damon!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Most of this week ended with minimum days for the munchkins, so after school on Wednesday [which also happened to be sports day @ school] we headed to the pumpkin patch. We've been going every year since Allie was born, it's become a lil tradition!

Damon bouncing around!
I see you
She thinks she so grown ... I guess she's getting there *sigh
Cutie pie
Howdy ya'll
Ahh ... get me outta here
.Miss Alliyah Rose.
.Mr Damon Andrew.
.Mr Justin Alex.
Of course they picked the biggest pumpkins
Ready for a train ride
Choo - choooo
Checkin' out the scarecrows
This guy was cool
Damon: "I'm KING of the hill"
Alliyah: "Really, Dae"?!
He got some air! He loved this thing, he didn't have to jump ... he just kept getting bounced all over!

They had lots of fun
Brothers - love 'em

More halloweeney kinda posts comin' soon!

Monday, October 25, 2010

SUPER proud ...

Thursday night I received a phone call from Alliyah's teacher. I was confused because Allie is always so good, I couldn't imagine why her teacher would be calling! It was a good phone call though, her teacher was calling to invite us to the school assembly where Alliyah would be receiving an award. She was awarded with the "Overall Character Counts Award"! The award is for being responsible, caring, fair, respectful, being a good citizen, and for being trustworthy! The award was a surprise for her too!

Ray, Justin, & I headed to the assembly the next morning [Dae-Dae was in class]. We were [are] so proud of her! Of course she wasn't fond of standing in front of the school, but she made it through!

Killin' a few minutes before the assembly
Allie & Haylee
I posted these pixs all backwards ... dang it!
After her award & shortly before she realized we were there!
After she got her award ... she booked it back to her seat, lOl!
So serious ... the assistant principal & principal
Less then amused, lOl!
You can double click the award to read all the marvelous things her teacher had to say about her ... just bragging a lil! =)

* You can click it to make it bigger & read all the awesome things her teacher had to say about her! =) Yup, bragging just a lil!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's my party ...

Well ... nothing like the fab-o kids parties, but way fun none the less! Hubby happened to mention last Tuesday that people were coming over on Friday. I was a little puzzled, I asked why everyone was coming over. It wasn't a surprise, per say, but I was surprised [doesn't happen often]!! I had no idea he had been inviting people over for my birthday! Very sweet! Mostly family & a couple of friends, but I stayed up until 4:30 in the morning so I must have been having a great time! lOl!

Erika - there ends up being a theme to the pixs ... pretty much just Erika, Leann, & I in all of them! lOl!
Playing a lil beer pong
Hubs & I singing some Michael Jackson into a broom stick ;)
Solo - lOl!
She's crazy, but I love her

The next morning -
Uncle Bobert w/his nephews!
Nephews + 1 Niece

Good times for sure!! Thank you, honey!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting ready for Halloween

ALREADY?! Because I'm pretty sure it was just July! The kids have been busy, busy decorating the house!

It's own very own ghost - the spooktacular JuJuBe

The kids decorated these fun lil decorations! They did an awesome job!
[Click to enlarge]

& The Giants will be moving on in the series!! Woot-woot!!
Let's go GIANTS!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Still celebrating the big 1-3

Sunday morning [Kailee's actual birthday] everyone woke up bright and early and went out to breakfast.

Had Kailee take a picture of this sign @ the restaurant since it now applies to her! =)

Yup, we had one super loooonng table!
It's Karlie, Alliyah [lil booger look at her], Sassy Kyrah, Tati, Grammie, Poppie, Daddy, Uncle John, Shisha, Birthday Girl, Auntie, Damon, & Justin!

After breakfast we stopped @ Great Grandpa Ray's & hung out. Then it was off to Uncle Paul's & Aunt Michele's for a BBQ & swimming!

Justin pretending to be Donkey Kong [seriously]
He wouldn't take these things off ... he sure looks cute!
Off to the gun show
Alyssa & Kailee
Lyss & Dae-Dae ~ chillaxin
Miss Alliyah
Summer salts
She's a teenager - wow!

& she'll be doing even more celebrating! One lucky lil lady!

Oh, & just for fun ...
There is a Daddy in there some where, talk about having your hands full! lOl