Friday, March 12, 2010

Alliyah turns 7

Happy Birthday to our littlest princess! It's the usual ... OH.EM.GEE-can't-believe-she's-7-already! Really though, amazing! She is such an awesome lil girl, we just love her to pieces! We are so proud of her!

She received an award at school on her birthday ... pretty cool if you ask us, but she was mortified. lOl! She is our shy & quiet would much prefer not to be the center of attention, so when her class went to an assembly and they called her up in the front of the school to get an award she was less then thrilled. Poor baby!

Here she is blowing out her candles ... all 7 of them!

We attended Damon's friend's birthday party @ Classic Gymnastics earlier this year. Alliyah LOVED the place & decided she just had to have her party there. Like, seriously?! ... You mean Mommy doesn't have to do a thing? There are going to people to set up & clean up ... hells to the yes! Haha! Anyways, this was a super easy party and the kids had a blast!

P.S. It was a Littlest Pet Shop themed party ... hence the animal ears!

Here's Court-Court [her bestie]
.& the birthday girl.
Such a ham
Justin & his lil buddy Max
It's Aurianna, Allie, & Yazmeen
Courtney, Hailey, & Karlie
It's the after party! The girls being silly!
Court & Kyrah
Silly Willies

There was about 20 kids that came out to help Alliyah celebrate her birthday! She even had a couple of her friends come from school [how grown up]! It was a great day!

Happy Birthday Alliyah Rose!
We love you!
.March 1st.