Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kiddie Pool Fun

Yesterday was another scorcher, so staying cool was a must! A dip in the kiddie pool does the trick [for the kids and Ray anyways]! The kiddos went to play out in the kiddie pool after we got home from the movies! The girls and I went to see my Sister's Keeper! Really good movie, but so sad! We were balling our eyeballs out! So either wait til it comes out on video [so you can cry at home, haha] or bring lots of tissues with you!

That's Alliyah getting a running start [1/2 way around the block] for a jump in the pool

Haha, not a good pix at all! I kept trying to get them all to look, and then Ray did something crazy and they all looked at him like, wth?! lOl

Jumpin' in with JuJuBe
I'm not sure who had more fun ... Ray or the kids! Here is his attempt at a cartwheel into the pool! Crazy!

Later that evening after it cooled down Ray and I took the kiddos and the dog for a walk to the park! They played until it got dark and then we headed home! But, it was so nice out we couldn't go inside, so we stayed outside for a while. At about ten o'clock one of the kids wanted to play hiding-go-seek! I forgot how much fun playing hiding-go-seek in the dark was! lOl!

Monday, June 29, 2009

So ... the girls [Kailee, Rena, & Alliyah] kept asking if they could make a pool for their Barbies! Kids and water in the house is never a good idea, but I reluctantly agreed. Within minutes of them making a pool it was not sounding good. I was hearing the water go on and off, on and off and other scary noises. I was afraid to ask, but then I started to smell the smell that is every mom's worst nightmare ... nail polish! I was smelling nail polish in the family room and they were in the bathroom behind a closed door, that can't be good. I called Kailee out and asked her who was using nail polish ... she said, uh - no one exactly. She accidentally dropped a brand new bottle of blue nail polish and it broke every where! Yikes! The girls were frantically trying to clean it up before I saw it [which probably made it worse]! The girls ended up with nail polish all over their legs! lOl! Really what else can ya do besides laugh?! When I walked in, it looked like there was a mini flood because the floor was soaked!

This is after they had 'cleaned up'! There was more on the floor too!

Finally got it all off the tile which was what I most worried about! There is a bit still on the door, and of course we're out of nail polish remover! Hopefully nail polish remover will do the trick though!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Could ya . would ya . ain't ya goin

I can't...
Say the word squirrel
Stand whining
Survive without sleep
Hold a grudge

But I can...
Do cute hair do's
Text using T9 [woo-who]
Be 21 for the rest of forever

I won't...
Allow anyone to take advantage of my fam
Bungee jump
Lick my finger to clean my kid's faces

But I will...
Stand up for what I believe in
Always try to keep in touch
Always remember how lucky I am
Never let my hubster [or the forehead champs Kai & Allie] win a forehead war

I shouldn't...
Ever let anyone stand in my way
Be a people pleaser
Stress, everything always works out

And I should...
[Hopefully] finish going to school before I'm 80 [I mean 21]
Have my own reality show, haha
Win the lotto [I'll have to start playing first]
Travel the World

Fun In The Sun

It was super hot yesterday ... it got up to 104, blah! Instead of being cooped up inside all day we [my Mom and I] took the kiddos to a near by water park. It's a regular park, but they have an area that has a bunch of fountain thingys that shoot up water. It's pretty cool! The kids get to tire themselves out run around playing all while cooling off!

Havin' Fun

So pretty

I <3>

Trying to catch the water

It's raining on Rena & Allie

Mommy & her lil boys

Trying to sit Justin on top of the fountain

Lil stud muffin

So silly ... she was lovin' her new do

Uh, not recommended

He loves playing with cars & trucks

It's supposed to be 107 today! Thinking about heading back to the water park to try and stay cool ... all though today is supposed to be a relaxing day! We shall see!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Movie @ the park night

I made some enchiladas for dinner tonight! I made them early this afternoon, so that I could just throw them in the oven and we could have a quick dinner and head to the park!

[Yes, I realize that once you start taking pictures of dinner that you have completely lost control]! =)

We ate some din-din and waited for Kailee's Grandma [her Mom's-Mom] to pick her up for the weekend! After Kai left we loaded up the kiddos and headed down to the park to catch Madagascar 2! I was a lil worried it would be too hot, but it was perfect. It ended up getting down to about 75 and no wind [can you believe that, no wind??]!


Chillaxin on Mommy

She is so silly

He looks guilty of something

Waiting for the movie to start ... keeping themselves entertained! LOL!

It's starting, it's starting!!

'I like to move it, move it'! He loves to dance!

Cuzzie Loves

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Schierholtz ROCKS my 'sauce' ...

Uh no, Kailee, it'd be SOCKS! lOl! We went to the Giants game last night!! My favorite player, Nate Schierholtz, was playing and he did awesome [I bring him good luck]!! He should probably hire me to travel with him ... he'd totally rock every night!

"The Big Unit" [Randy Johnson] pitched last night too! I was very excited to be able to witness him pitch a game ... that's like getting to watch Babe Ruth or something! =)

Here he is warming up before the game ... you might have to squint and turn your head a lil, but he's there, I promise!

*Honey, I think this means I need a new lens* hint, hint!!

Rewind for a minute before we left for the game ...

Trying to recruit kids to take pictures ... watch our fam multiply, hehe

Finally everyone!

Ok, back to the game ...

She wasn't tired though ... asleep on Bart all wrapped up in Daddy's sweatshirt!