Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

To one of the bestest Daddy's around!! And, of course to my Dad!!

We celebrated Father's Day with the fam bam! We went over to [Ray's] Uncle Paul & Aunt Michele's house to BBQ and swim. Every summer someone falls victim to being tossed in the pool! I've always avoided it or been off limits because I was preggers! Well ... they finally got me. Michele was trying to push me in, but if I was going down she was coming with me. I could tell I was fighting a losing battle, wasn't going to get out that one, so I pulled her in with me! hehe!

Some how I forgot to take a pix with Ray and all the kiddos, but we'll get one! Also missed pixs of Dae-Dae in the pool, but he never got in for long! He was trying to push all the big people in!

How about a nice big wet and freezing cold hug ... lil booger!

Wrestling around with Daddy

Hope everyone had a Happy Father's Day!!

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