Sunday, June 28, 2009

Could ya . would ya . ain't ya goin

I can't...
Say the word squirrel
Stand whining
Survive without sleep
Hold a grudge

But I can...
Do cute hair do's
Text using T9 [woo-who]
Be 21 for the rest of forever

I won't...
Allow anyone to take advantage of my fam
Bungee jump
Lick my finger to clean my kid's faces

But I will...
Stand up for what I believe in
Always try to keep in touch
Always remember how lucky I am
Never let my hubster [or the forehead champs Kai & Allie] win a forehead war

I shouldn't...
Ever let anyone stand in my way
Be a people pleaser
Stress, everything always works out

And I should...
[Hopefully] finish going to school before I'm 80 [I mean 21]
Have my own reality show, haha
Win the lotto [I'll have to start playing first]
Travel the World

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