Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kiddie Pool Fun

Yesterday was another scorcher, so staying cool was a must! A dip in the kiddie pool does the trick [for the kids and Ray anyways]! The kiddos went to play out in the kiddie pool after we got home from the movies! The girls and I went to see my Sister's Keeper! Really good movie, but so sad! We were balling our eyeballs out! So either wait til it comes out on video [so you can cry at home, haha] or bring lots of tissues with you!

That's Alliyah getting a running start [1/2 way around the block] for a jump in the pool

Haha, not a good pix at all! I kept trying to get them all to look, and then Ray did something crazy and they all looked at him like, wth?! lOl

Jumpin' in with JuJuBe
I'm not sure who had more fun ... Ray or the kids! Here is his attempt at a cartwheel into the pool! Crazy!

Later that evening after it cooled down Ray and I took the kiddos and the dog for a walk to the park! They played until it got dark and then we headed home! But, it was so nice out we couldn't go inside, so we stayed outside for a while. At about ten o'clock one of the kids wanted to play hiding-go-seek! I forgot how much fun playing hiding-go-seek in the dark was! lOl!

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