Thursday, June 25, 2009

Schierholtz ROCKS my 'sauce' ...

Uh no, Kailee, it'd be SOCKS! lOl! We went to the Giants game last night!! My favorite player, Nate Schierholtz, was playing and he did awesome [I bring him good luck]!! He should probably hire me to travel with him ... he'd totally rock every night!

"The Big Unit" [Randy Johnson] pitched last night too! I was very excited to be able to witness him pitch a game ... that's like getting to watch Babe Ruth or something! =)

Here he is warming up before the game ... you might have to squint and turn your head a lil, but he's there, I promise!

*Honey, I think this means I need a new lens* hint, hint!!

Rewind for a minute before we left for the game ...

Trying to recruit kids to take pictures ... watch our fam multiply, hehe

Finally everyone!

Ok, back to the game ...

She wasn't tired though ... asleep on Bart all wrapped up in Daddy's sweatshirt!

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