Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Surreal, yup that pretty much sums it up! It's seriously amazing at how fast time flies, especially after you have kids! I seriously cannot believe Kailee is 13! As much as I miss her raspy voice, her dirty blond stringy lil hair, her 'Brooklyn accent', and all of her imaginary friends, I am just so proud of the lil lady she is turning into and I am so excited to see where her bright future takes her.

I wanted her to feel extra special for her big day ... turning 13 is quite a milestone in a girls life! I thought and thought and thought and finally decided on a dance party. Pre dance party we did a scavenger hunt at the mall [Kailee's great idea]! The girls LOVED the scavenger hunt [seeing more scavenger hunts in our future]!

Scavenger hunt prizes
[Claire's gift cards, candy, & stickers for your electronics, i.e. iPod, cell, laptop]
The girls ready to set out for mission impossible
Pose with a mannequin ... check
Take a picture with your team members in mirror ... check
Take a picture of a team mate in a high chair ... check

The girls had a whole list of fun tasks and they were able to complete most of them. After the scavenger hunt we headed back home for some grub!

Center piece

After dinner it was a free for all.

There was a candy bar, soda bar, photo booth, fortune teller, and of course dancing!

The candy bar
Cupcakes made by GrammieThe soda bar! There aren't any pictures before it was ransacked, lOl!
My idea of a 'photo booth'

A glimpse inside the photo booth
Check out the crystal ball behind the curtains!
Wish I had a better picture of Club KAMZ, but that's about as good as it gets folks. I hung curtains on both walls to make it feel like more of a room vs. a garage ... I think I might leave them up, hehe! There were 'line dancers' [those colored lights that 'dance' around], strobe lights, & a bubble machine.
The disco ball ... woot, woot
Part of the party favors ... some of Kailee's favorite songs on a CD
The party favors all wrapped up and looking pretty. The cd's & necklaces I made

& in no particular order

Some of the girls
Deuces ... guess that's what the cool kids are saying these days! ;)
Birthday girl
Bree & Kaylors - dancing queens
In the photo booth

Alliyah was in this thing all night & acting crazy
In the bubble machine
Photo Booth [during day light]
With her Uncle, Pa, Grandma, & Cousin
Meet Madam Zula
Kailee having her fortune read
'Happy birthday to youuuu'
Hope all of your dreams and wishes come true, baby girl!

Thank you to everyone that came out to help us celebrate. & a special thank you to Rachele & Fred for helping to get Kailee out here and letting Kailee spend her special day with us!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

School Projects

The kiddos come home with so many cute projects that I don't have the heart to toss out. I have been collecting all the goodies and putting them in safe keeping, but things start to get crunched and lose some of their cuteness. So, I started thinking I would put together albums for the munchkins with all of their crafty projects.

I finally got around to taking some pictures of their projects!

Here are a few ...

Damon and his crafty lil elephant ears!
This is one of my favorites ... such a cute idea!
From Damon's first year in preschool ... our family!
Pretty, pretty flowers!
Comparable to student of the month. The whole school gets together for an assembly and they individually recognize the kids. Poor Allie wanted to crawl under a rock when they announced her name for her award ... she's not a in the spot light kinda girl!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's right around the corner

... Kailee's birthday party that is. I've been busy shopping, prepping, & making things to get ready for the big day!

Here's a sneak peak at some party stuff ...

The plates she choose which sets our theme [from Party City] ~

The ice cubes ... the ice cubes are going to be in different colors!
Here are a few necklaces that I've made so far [prizes or part of the party favors, haven't decided yet]

I finished up the mall scavenger hunt list a few days ago, the curtains [which will be hung in the garage] have arrived, should have another package next week from Oriental Trading! Yay! I'm getting so excited, can't wait!!