Sunday, December 11, 2011

Park Fun

October and beautiful weather ... a day @ the park!  While the kiddos were running around burning off some energy ... I was sitting under a tree doing some homework!  We had a nice picnic too!

Silly boy!
String cheese
Handsome lil man
Can't believe he'll be 4 soon! 
Damon's silly face

After the park we came home and worked on a pumpkin!  They all helped to paint her!  Isn't she purtty!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Day Of School

Everything laid out the night before ... all ready for 1st & 3rd grade!!
Our big 3rd grader
Our big 1st grader
They are too cute!
Some of the neighborhood kids getting ready to walk to school together
Aiden & Damon
[They missed each other]
Allie & her bestie Haylee
Daddy walking her to class
Listening to her teacher [& taking a pix]
[Oops, outta order] Giving sissy big squeezes before we leave
Tay & Kai
The last year Kailee will be able to walk Tay to school [sad]!  Taylor will be in HS next year, so it's a little too far for walking!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The boys  played soccer over the summer!  The season ended a couple of days before school started.  Damon totally loved it and is a natural lil Beckham!  He had never played [on a team] before, but did amazingly well!  Justin did great too, there is seriously nothing cuter then a bunch of three year olds playing soccer!

Ok - this isn't soccer, it's swimming, but he's just so cute!
Justin attentively listening to coach!  ;)
Dae-Dae on the go
Justin about to score a goal!  He was so proud of himself [it was for the other team, but we won't tell him]
Go team!
So proud of himself
Sissy taken a break from cheering on her bros ... off to the playground!
Watching Damon [& taken a picture break]!
So big!!
"That is so funny"!
Damon scoring his 2nd goal of the summer & celebrating!
Pure concentration!  =)

He's guarding this lil girl ... if you look closely, she's sticking her tongue out at him!  lOl

The boys didn't play for a league, it was a program put on through the city, more like a camp.  They practice drills and have games amongst each other vs. other teams!  It gets them ready to play for a league!  Justin will be too young for league next year, but hopefully Damon will want to play!  We sure love watching them!

P.S. Pixs are way outta order!  =)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kailee's SURPRISE party!

We wanted to do something a lil different for Kailee's birthday.  She's had big parties, small parties, amusement park celebrations, pizza parties, swim parties, and every other kinda party in between ... so what's left, a SURPRISE party!

Her Aunt Jen took her and Alliyah out to lunch and for a mini shopping trip, and to keep her out of the house for a while, so we could get to work.

A few hours later, we got the - we're around the corner text & everyone got into position.

Saying she was surprised is a understatement, she was shocked! 
"OMG!  There are a lot of people and they are all staring at me!"
Since we were celebrating her birthday early, she was a lil confused too.  She locked eyes with her Daddy and headed straight for him.  She slyly whispered to him, "why is everyone here".  He said, "for you".  lOl!  She didn't want to assume it was a birthday celebration.  Haha

I adore this picture!
Some goodies
& decor
Some family & friends

Cousin Johnny & Justin
Opening gifts [she mostly got money]!
Getting everything ready

Kailee & Taylor
Our almost 14 year old!
Her fav ~ mint chip ice cream cake from Cold Stone

Cool affect with the camera lens
Make a wish
Lots of smoke after 14 candles

It was a great day!  I think she felt extra special, which is all could ask for!  Everything went perfect!  I couldn't believe we actually pulled it off.  When we invited the kids in the neighborhood, we only told their parents and asked them to keep it a secret from the kids ... we were sure someone would accidentally slip if they knew!  That was a great idea because she never found out! 

This was a couple of days later ... spending all that birthday money!  She has to take advantage while she can - because we don't normally let her spend her birthday money, it all goes into her savings account.  She usually only gets to spend her gift cards, so she went a lil crazy!