Monday, June 29, 2009

So ... the girls [Kailee, Rena, & Alliyah] kept asking if they could make a pool for their Barbies! Kids and water in the house is never a good idea, but I reluctantly agreed. Within minutes of them making a pool it was not sounding good. I was hearing the water go on and off, on and off and other scary noises. I was afraid to ask, but then I started to smell the smell that is every mom's worst nightmare ... nail polish! I was smelling nail polish in the family room and they were in the bathroom behind a closed door, that can't be good. I called Kailee out and asked her who was using nail polish ... she said, uh - no one exactly. She accidentally dropped a brand new bottle of blue nail polish and it broke every where! Yikes! The girls were frantically trying to clean it up before I saw it [which probably made it worse]! The girls ended up with nail polish all over their legs! lOl! Really what else can ya do besides laugh?! When I walked in, it looked like there was a mini flood because the floor was soaked!

This is after they had 'cleaned up'! There was more on the floor too!

Finally got it all off the tile which was what I most worried about! There is a bit still on the door, and of course we're out of nail polish remover! Hopefully nail polish remover will do the trick though!


  1. Don'tcha just love it? :) We've had many nail polish mishaps in my family. My moms old couch had red nailpolish all over the bathroom carpet here has a nice splotch of purple nail polish on fun...

  2. WOW...&& bright blue of all colors, huh!?