Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fun In The Sun

It was super hot yesterday ... it got up to 104, blah! Instead of being cooped up inside all day we [my Mom and I] took the kiddos to a near by water park. It's a regular park, but they have an area that has a bunch of fountain thingys that shoot up water. It's pretty cool! The kids get to tire themselves out run around playing all while cooling off!

Havin' Fun

So pretty

I <3>

Trying to catch the water

It's raining on Rena & Allie

Mommy & her lil boys

Trying to sit Justin on top of the fountain

Lil stud muffin

So silly ... she was lovin' her new do

Uh, not recommended

He loves playing with cars & trucks

It's supposed to be 107 today! Thinking about heading back to the water park to try and stay cool ... all though today is supposed to be a relaxing day! We shall see!

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