Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Raging Waters

I really wanted to go to Half Moon Bay [beach town] yesterday, but I lost out to the weather. So, we went to the waterslides instead, go figure! Half Moon Bay and Sacramento [where the waterslides are] are into two different directions which made for more then a twenty five degree weather difference. We will be going to Half Moon another day soon, hopefully! It worked out really nice to go to the waterslides though because nobody was there. There was no waiting in lines, woo-who!

Kailee and Ray went on this waterslide that drops straight down. I was terrified for Kai, but she totally did it!
Sidenote: I did that same waterslide a long time ago and got so freaked on the way down that I tried to grab the edge. I was traveling so fast that I couldn't grab the edge and totally burnt my arm! This would be the reason they tell you to leave your arms crossed! Hehe
Of course Kailee wasn't even phased by the slide ... after all she is the one that talked me into go on the Drop Zone @ Great America [I'm afraid of heights]!

Only had my camera for half of the day, but here are a few pixs!

On the way up to Sac! So sweet!

Potty Break

Lazy River

He could barely sit with the life vest on! Too cute!

Miss Rena

We got season passes, so we shall be back *in a non-creepy Terminator voice*


  1. How fun!! I want to go there when I visit. Some time in my LIFE! :)

  2. Super cute new suit, K! Looks like tons of fun...I could totally use a lazy river right about now!