Friday, June 12, 2009

Wacky Tacky

On Friday the kiddos and I headed up to Roseville for a playdate. We met Sara, Kate, and Max at Wacky Tacky! I highly recommend that place ... it was pretty cool! It has this ball shooting thing that reminds me of American Gladiator when they used to shot the tennis balls out, a rope glide thingy, three slides, and lots of little cubby holes!

This was the only picture I got ...

Ok, well, there are a couple more, but that's it!

Max & JuJuBe playing! Isn't Max a super cutie!!

And, that's it! =)

After we left Wacky Tacky we ran through Mickey D's drive through and grabbed the kiddos some lunch and went back to Sara's house! The girls usually take forever to warm up, but they took no time at all this time around!

The girls and their brother minus Dae who was on picture stike at the moment!

Can't wait to do it again! Next time definitely doing the water park too!

After we left Sara's, we went over to our cousin Melody's house. We spent the night there because the next day was Papa's 70th birthday party [in Sac]!

The kiddos getting ready for bed! They are so silly!

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