Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kindergarten Grad

Wow, can it really be?! Already?! Ugh, I can't believe it! Alliyah's kindergarten year has come to a close. I tried to keep my promise, as to not embarrass her by crying uncontrollably, lOl! I did pretty good! I only teared up during the opening song and when they were walking off stage otherwise taking lots of pictures helped a lot! =) She did so well all year. Her teachers all call her an 'awesome citizen' and a 'class role model'! Not to mention she got straight E's [A's] all year!

Getting ready to go to school!

It was a lil bright out for Daddy

Walking in


W/her teacher

The big graduate

W/her bestie

This is as good as it gets, lOl! Damon is behind the balloons somewhere!

And, now it's off to first grade! Oh my!

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