Sunday, May 10, 2009

It has finally happened

Alliyah has been wishin', and hopin', and thinkin', and prayin' [know what that's from??] to the teeth Gods up above. She has been very disturbed being one of the few kids left in her class that hasn't lost a tooth. Well, all that wishin' and prayin' has finally paid off because she is now a toothless wonder!

It'll always be easy for me to remember the date that she lost her very first tooth [Mother's Day, of course]! She was so excited, she could hardly contain herself! Her big sissy got the first phone call, then Shisha, then Grandpa Ray, and finally Auntie Jennifer! She wanted to go somewhere to show off her new 'hole' ... even though we were in the middle of a BBQ, lOl! So tomorrow I shall parade her around town showing off her glory!

Here she is yesterday with all those pearly whites in place!

And, now with one missing tooth

She could hardly wait to jump into bed tonight, partly because she played so much today and partly because the tooth fairy is on her way [BTW, what's the going rate these days??]!

The lil tooth holder used to be mine ... thought I'd pass it on!

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