Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mama Loves

I love my babes like no other; it's my joy to be their mother.

Today was so nice and relaxing! Ray had to work last night, so my parents took the kids and I out to brunch! By the time we got home Ray was waking up. The kids changed into their swimsuits and we all went outside to chillax!

I lounged poolside all day! Teehe! =]

Ray hired a personal masseuse all for me!

I even had food service, nothing beats some nice cold watermelon on a hot day

Not only food delivery, but some awesome margaritas

Ray's Mom and boyfriend came over a little later! Ray BBQ'd some awesome carne asada & chicken for everyone. It was a great day!

Earlier in the day the kids gave me a few things!

The kids made me vases and bought me flowers [Ray's Mom also bought me these really pretty Tulips, love Tulips]! The vases turned out so cute!

They also made a few lil things at school.

Damon made me a crown, so that I could be queen for the day!

Allie's card, hehe, too funny!

Hope everyone had a great Mommy's Day!

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