Saturday, May 23, 2009

Damon's Spidey Man Party

OH-EM-GEE, I don't even know where to begin! There are SO many pictures! So here goes nothing, lOl!

Damon LOVES Spider Man, so it wasn't hard to decide what this years theme would be.

I found [or Tess found ... thx Tess] these really awesome Spider webs.

We used one Spider web over the outside of the garage as pictured above, and the other one in the courtyard. On the gate that leads to the courtyard I had a sign hanging that told a story ... I'll just show you a pix!

You'll have to double click the pix, so you can read what it said, but basically it read that the bad guys had stolen Damon's cake and the kids all had to help to get it back. The kids were each given a can of silly string [no, I haven't totally lost my mind, lOl] to 'web' the bad guys. There were villains hanging all around. This was totally a hit even with the adults! The clean up wasn't too bad, but it stuck to things a little more then I thought it would!
[Picture looking down on the courtyard]

We also played a pin the Spidey web game, but some how there isn't a single pix of that! We also had a Spider Man jumpy house which was fantastic until it collapsed with kids in it, lOl! Nobody was hurt, we had a power surge for a minute and the power shut off to the jumpy house! That was fun, haha! The kids were able to get right back in though!

One of my most favoritest things were the ice cubes. I found plastic spiders [which is no easy task in the middle of May] and froze them inside of the ice cubes.

The food was really simple and easy! We had 'Peter Parker Pizza', 'J. Jamison Breadsticks', and 'Green Goblin Salad'!

A few of the other decorations

What would a Spider Man party be if Spider Man didn't show up?!

Spider Man was super awesome! Aside from all the women drooling over his bod, lOl! But, really he was doing flips and tricks in the front yard! He also played games with the kids! I think all of the kids had a blast! Shoot, I think even the parents had a great time! We had a really good turn out even with a lot of our family members not there [some couldn't make it for one reason or another]! We ended up with over 20 kids, I lost count of all the adults! The more the merrier!

I'll post people pixs and cake pixs tomorrow ... I'm all blogged out for tonight!

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  1. YOu are a super cool mom!!!!!!!! your parties all look AMAZING!!!!!