Saturday, May 9, 2009

So totally blessed

With tomorrow being Mother's Day it has me feeling sorta 'mushy'! I can't believe how totally blessed I am! Really, 4 beautiful, healthy kids ... how could I ask for more?! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! It seems like just yesterday Kailee was sitting on my lap while we played Barbies [one of which she named Barbara Bush, tee-hee]! They've all taught me so much! Damon has probably taught me the most though, I couldn't be more proud of him, he has come so far in such a short time! But, best of all ... I've gotten to experience things through their eyes [so sweet & innocent]! Being a Mommy is by far the most amazing feeling in the world! I love my kids with my whole heart and soul, and I'm very excited to be able to celebrate my day tomorrow with them [minus my Kaylors *tear*]!

Now bring on the margaritas! =)

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mommies!

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