Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spidey Man Party Part II

So in no particular order [seriously out of order and not organized] here are some of the pictures from the party!


Spraying their 'webs' on the bad guys

Spider Man teaching them a few moves

Grandma & Spider Man

Alliyah fighting Spider Man ... she's so fast, she's a blur

Some of the guest

Doing the limbo

Go Allie, Go Allie

Take note most of the boys are missing! The girls were totally diggin' Spidey Man

Justin wanted in on the action too

Pre-party ... Daddy playin' with the kiddos

Damon with a couple of his classmates [turns out he's related to one] lOl!

Beginning of the day [hair all nice & neat]

Anybody want some pizza??

Gosh, he looks like such a big boy already

Some more guests

Mmmm ... Cake

Singing to the birthday boy

Make a wish ...

Cupcake face

Opening gifts

Spider Man & the birthday boy

Doing his flips & tricks! The guys were even talking about his bod, lOl!


Mr. Elijah-boo

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did! Thank you for helping to make our big guy's birthday such a special one!

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  1. That is one wild party!! You guys go all out! How fun! What a cute family you have!!!