Sunday, June 21, 2009

Six Flags Marine World

Can't believe it's been about five years since we had last visited Marine World. They added so many things since then. I don't remember there being so many animals and rides. It's awesome because mixed in with all the animals are rides, so it keeps the kids very entertained. Who knew Justin would love all the animals as much as he did. Wasn't planning a zoo trip this summer, but looks like we'll have to squeeze some zoo time in. Damon loves all the animals too, but I already knew that ... Justin surprised me.

My parents, sis, two of my Aunts, and lots of my cuzos came along with us. The kids all love to hang out with each other, and they never run out of people sit with on rides! Haha! Speaking of rides ... Kailee was actually too tall to ride on two of the rides. Of course, they were kiddie rides, but still ~ OH.EM.GEE! Nothing like a big slap of reality, I guess this means she really is growing up! *tear*

Some of the animals
In Thomas Land ... on Harold [he was able to ride so many rides]!!

On Thomas The Train

I guess I was having lots of fun, lOl [that's a Spiderman in my hand]

In Bugs Bunny's bed

Bug's chair

The girlies taking a break

Checking out the camels with Poppie
Checking out the sea lions

Posing with a penguin

Petting sting rays

Cuzos checking out the dolphins

Putting elephants on top of Poppie's head is lots of fun

Grammie with her Grandsons

She was trying to hide because she was fixing her sweatshirt ... she put it on upside down

Goofing around with Daffy

Not sure if my eyes are even open in this pix, but whatev

Playing with her baby brother

End of the night ... in desperate need of a bath, lOl

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