Monday, February 2, 2009

Jungle Green Justin's 1st Birthday Party

Justin's birthday party was this past Saturday, but his birthday was really a few days before Christmas. When I was pregnant with Justin and found out that he was due on Christmas Eve, I decided I would move his birthday to exactly a month after he was born, lOl! But really, who wants a birthday so close to Christmas?!

I wanted to do something a little different for his party, not your typical theme! I ended up deciding on a Crayola Crayon theme! It was lots of fun!

So, here's what I ended up doing ... When the kids first arrived they got their name tags with their new names, which were crayon names of course and they went and searched for their coloring book page [which was a picture of themselves]! I had a pin the "Y" on the Crayola crayon [there is a pix] and a ring toss game with inflatable crayons. I had a play-doh station [huge hit], crayons/markers/construction paper station, and a no mess finger-paint station all at one long table. There was a second table set up that had stickers, crayons/makers, glitter [glad it was in the garage because it was a HUGE mess], and those lil foam things to create/design their own goodie bags! I finally found these ginormous [ultra healthy, lOl] lollipops that doubled as a center piece and part of the kids goodie bag treats. I wrote with sidewalk chalk on the driveway, it said, "Happy Birthday King Justin"! I left the chalk out so the kids could add to it [they loved that]! We had a bubble machine going [def. can't go wrong w/that] ... but I ended up running out of bubbles half way into the party ... note to self: I need to purchase massive quantites of bubbles for the next party, lOl! I had a big piece of butcher paper for everyone to write/draw/color on for Justin. I also made a playlist [well my sis made a playlist =)] to play with every "color" song you could possibly imagine! Then before the kids left they grabbed their goodie bags ... put their big ol' lollipop, crayon bubbles, crayons, and coloring book pages of themselves! Nowon to the best part .. pixs!

One of the name tags [after Daddy's favorite college team]

One of the coloring pages, it's Kyrah

The lollipops

The "pin-the-y" game [Made by Allie w/a lil help from Grammie]

Inflatable Ring Toss Game

The Banner

The girls making their goodie bags

Just about to start singing to our baby boy


He did pretty good

The real cake

Time for presents

His new wheels ... fully equipped with a remote control for Mommy & Daddy to drive him around, working headlights, a horn, and just what every kids needs an iPod hook-up, lOl!

He was pooped

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  1. I want that car! Do you think he will let me drive it sometime? Gena you look great! What a fun birthday what a lucky kid.