Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Damon and razors don't mix

Note to self: make sure any and all sharp objects that my cause harm to little girls hair, including but not limited to razors, are out of reach from Damon!

Last night the kids were in the bath. They were playing and having a good time while I was right outside the door in the hallway. They were being kinda noisy, so I shut the door most of the way because Justin was asleep! I went in to start washing them and there was a crazy amount of Alliyah's hair everywhere! I asked Alliyah what it was and I some how thought that Damon had pulled it all out! I couldn't understand why she would let him do that to her, but then she picked up my razor and said he did it with this! OMG! I said, he shaved your head?! Luckily, the damage isn't that bad. The razor isn't that sharp, so it mostly "cut" her hair instead of shaving it. There is a little patch of hair that is now about an inch long. And judging by the amount of hair that was in the tub he must have randomly "cut" other pieces, but you can't tell! Yikes! I guess it could have been worse ... like the time Kailee let her friend cut her hair! Kailee ended up having to get a mushroom cut, but if anyone could pull that do off it was Kailee!

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