Sunday, January 11, 2009

We've been wanting, or should I say, I've been wanting to take a snow trip for for-ev-er! Ray thought he hated the snow [from a snow trip as a KID! Yes, a VERY-VERY long time ago]! I knew he'd love it once we got there though. I wouldn't call us outdoorsey people, but we definitely love the outdoors ... if that makes sense! We decided to head up to Yosemite, beautiful choice, I must say! Rays' Mom and my parents, sister, and cousin all came along! We could not have picked a more beautiful day to go [can't wait to go back, probably next month]! I hadn't been to the snow in over 10 years! I'm not usually one for tons of scenery pictures, but it was so beautiful I could hardly help myself! Allie and Damon had an absolute blast while we were there! I think Damon enjoyed himself the most, he just loved it! Justin on the other hand was quite unsure what to think about all the fluffy white stuff! He sat like a mummy for a minute and then decided he rather be off the of ground in someones arms [I'm sure he'll have a different take on things next year]!

Here's Justin in his "mummy pose"!

Kisses always make everything better!

Up in the carrier ya go ... happy as a clam!

I see ya, Mommy! He's such a nut!

Love this one!

Resting, well kinda ... he was really stuck, lOl!

One of my very fav's

Snow princess

And, for the sake of picture overload I made a collage with a few more ...

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