Monday, January 19, 2009


Lets see ... Damon is finally potty trained [Woo-who], he actually has been for the past few weeks! He was totally ready to do it, and we should've done it sooner, but we didn't want to put more stress on him [with the whole pre-school thing! For those that don't know, that's a whole different blog]! We couldn't be more proud of him! Really couldn't believe how well he did right away! He [knock on wood] does great through the night too! Down to one kid in diapers, we've only been changing diapers for nearly the last SIX YEARS! Wow! Do the math on that diaper bill!

Justin is now a walker! He had been taking steps here and there for a while! I thought for sure he'd be walking before his first birthday, but he had plans of his own ... don't they always! One day while Justin and I were visiting over at Shisha's he just got up and started walking around her living room!

Here's our big boy!

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