Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Parks & Picnics

The weather has been freakishly awesome for January! It's been in the low 70's for over a week now. We've been taking total advantage and going to the park to have picnics ... nothing beats PBJ's and chips! Everytime we go Justin gets a little more adventourous, but mostly he sits and enjoys the picnic part the whooole time we're there, lOl! Alliyah feels like such a big girl since she gets to ride her scooter there. And, she no longer needs help on the swing! Even so, it's still more fun to have Mommy and Daddy push ya way up high in the sky! Damon loves the swings too! He's now brave enough to go down the "big" slide all by himself! It's been great to be outside! No pictures though because I need to go get batteries, grrr!

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