Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday Funday

First, I still have to finish the Vegas blog, but it was taking too long to finish, lOl! One day, one day ...! Saturday was Reyna's birthday party in Santa Clara. Damon decided he wanted to stay home with Ray and Rays friend from waay back in the day, so I let him. Jen, Auri, Allie, Justin and I went to Reyna's party together! It was nice, the girls played together in the back, Justin slept, and Jen and I got our girl time! After we got back in to town we made Auri a tutu for Allie's birthday party [which is next weekend]! Alliyah has conquered the monkey bars at school, so she really wanted to go to the park to show us her monkey bar skills! These monkey bars were a little harder for her because they don't go straight across, they go up and down. She's determined though!

Here's a video from the park ... nothing sweeter then the sound of my kiddos cracking up!

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  1. When I am in a bad mood all my kids have to do is say something funny and start laughing and then we all start laughing.