Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What happens in Vegas ....

Ray and I went on our very first vacay alone ... that's right, without any of the kiddos! Before we left we wrote them a letter for each day that we were gone, except for the last day we left a video of ourselves! By the time we were driving home from the airport we couldn't hardly stand the wait, we were so anxious to get home and see our babes!

We left @ the butt crack of dawn on Thursday! We went to the hotel and dropped our things off, and off we went! That morning they had a Nascar parade with all the big diesels that hold the race cars ... I'm not a huge Nascar fan [or a fan at all for that matter], but it was still really cool! After that we headed inside one of the hotels, and George Wallace [comedian, coincidentally we were going to see him that night] was just walking around ... Ray went and talked to him, he was a really nice guy! We went and had some dinner, and then went and met up with Val and some of her friends and family. We went to a bar @ the MGM and in the middle of ordering our drinks a song came on and the bartenders jumped up on top of the bar and started dancing ... pretty cool!

Here's the girl that danced for us, lOl!

They also had lions inside the MGM [so cool]! Here's a picture I took, I was looking up, so the lion was just overhead

The George Wallace show started @ 10pm, so headed to see that! It was funny, but glad we ended getting the tickets for free because it was a lil slow paced for me! We went back to the casino for a bit with Val, and then headed up to our room! We had literally been up for 24 sraight hours [first time I think I've ever done that, *pats self on back*]!

Friday Ray I did the tourist thing and walked all over checking things out! On the way we stopped for some margaritas, of course! They had the biggest margaritas I've ever seen in my life!

These were the first ones that we had, yummy!

And, red & blue ones were the second ones we had! Take note of the purple one, yes an actual drink ... holy crap! Also, notice that it comes with a shoulder strap to help you carry the damn thing, lOl!

Oh, and here's one ... only cuz I think the pix looks funny, like I'm photo-shopped in??

They had a few street venders set up. One of the venders had these ginormous Mardi Gras beads! I thought they were really neat, Ray wasn't as impressed! =)

To Be Continued ...

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