Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dinner & A Movie

Friday night Ray had to work, so my Mom and I took the kids to dinner and a movie! We went to see Monsters Vs. Aliens, cute lil movie, but it totally ROCKS in 3D! Aside from Disneyland, we had never been to a 3D movie before! And, it was Justin's first time going to the movie theaters. He did really well! The last twenty minutes he decided he had enough and wanted to walk around. Luckily, the theater wasn't super crowded, so I took him down to the bottom to walk around a bit!

Before the movie started we took the kids to play in that oh-so-sanitary kiddie play area at the mall, they loved it! Damon ran into a friend from school there, and totally loved running around with him!

Damon and his lil buddy ... I could hardly catch him!

Justin made a new friend too

Thinks he's such a big boy

Miss Alliyah

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