Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Water Fight/Fun

It was really hot out, so Ray & I set up the lil kiddie pool for the kids.  Started out as innocent fun and soon turned into a full fledged water fight!

Surfer dude
He's too cool with his shades on

Just one squirt & it's all down hill from here!
"Oh, yeah"?!

"Well, take that"!
"& that"

"& some of this"
"You're going down"

Dae stayed in the background the whole time squirting everyone
@ this point I put the camera down because Justin needed help getting in the pool!  Big mistake ... they all attacked me!  I was drenched, but it felt so good - it was hella hot!  lOl!

The girls having fun

Just watered all the bushed for over an hour!  He was loving it!
After our water fight, we all got ready & headed over to Grandpa's.  We were celebrating his 81st birthday!  It was still really hot out and with the whole family in the house, it was even hotter.  Some of us were sitting in the front yard together and some of us in the back!  I headed to the back to check on a couple of the kids & I found this!

His Auntie Jen stripped him down and gave him a hose! 
Trying to 'sneak' up on Uncle Doobie
& he got him

Good times!

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