Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America

I tried, lOl ... Dae wasn't having it! They look cute anyways!

Now Dae's into and Justin is taking off, lOl

Mama's boys

Daddy's girls

I was so excited to be staying home for 4th of July ... no packing diaper bags, and kids, figuring out how [where] Justin will nap! Lovely! I can't remember the last time we stayed home for the 4th, in fact, I don't think we ever have.

We had a block party with our neighbors. There were different water activities set up ... slip 'n slides, two kiddie pools, sprinklers, and water balloons. There was also two pinatas, a lil popcorn machine, an icee machine, glowsticks, and lots of illegal fireworks! Needless to say the kids [and Ray and I] were pooped when we finally went in about midnight! In fact, all five kids [including my cuzo] took a 2+ hour nap the next day!

It's what it looks like

Grass plant [karma for dunking his biggest sissy] =)

It's a slip 'n slide not a run 'n fall ... he caught on after the first couple of times!

Maybe if I stick my tongue out I'll go faster?!

Go sissy

Having lots of fun

Kailee getting hit w/a waterball
Hurry, hurry let's get them back

Getting snow cones

Hanging out

Damon & Reagan

Haha, he's not going to like this pix, but I think it's funny!

Pinata time

Getting ready to watch the fireworks


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