Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fireworks again?!

We invited Uncle "Doobie" [Ray's fam has interesting nick names] and Shelby over for some scrumptious din-din! Ray BBQ'd, and as usual he didn't disappoint, delish!

Doobie brought over some fireworks which were totally outrageous [in a good way]! They were crazy loud ... as noted below by Dae-Dae!

I think, initially, he was only going to set a couple of the fireworks off, but the kids set up their chairs, and got all excited ... and really how could you deny those faces! lOl! So, they got a whole show, fully equipped with cops! "Mr. Coper" was only doing his job, he didn't care! But, I guess people don't like extremely loud fireworks after the 4th of July has passed!


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