Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Movie @ the park with the cuzzos

I've gotten behind on blogging, but I'll make this short and sweet! Last Saturday the kids and I went to watch a movie in the park! The housing development that their Aunt & Uncle live in put it on! Free popcorn, nachos, and lemonade to go with your viewing pleasure, haha! There was a playground right next to where we were sitting to watch the movie, so it ended up being Michele [the kid's Aunt], her friends, and I watching the movie while the kids [and their cousins] all played!

The next day my parents took the kids to play miniature glow in the dark golf! Really cool! My Mom snapped a few pixs, but she didn't use the flash, otherwise you'd lose the glow in the dark affect, but none of the pixs turned out to great! The kids all wore white though, so they'd look extra spiffy in the black lights!

Here are a few pixs from the park night ...

Not sure what happened to their hair, but it was kinda windy [yes, blame on the wind]! =) Having fun on the teeter totter!

Justin with his big cousin, Alyssa

Damon being silly

New hair cute, so studly

Um, right


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