Monday, July 27, 2009

Giant's Game

We decided to head back down to San Francisco for another Giant's game ... and why not just make a whole day out of it! We went and had dinner on the Pier again [at the same place we went for out Anni]! We love-love going down to the city, it's so beautiful!

@ Pier 39 ... see Alcatraz waay back there?!
Not sure what Kailee is doing ... trying to be as tall as Daddy?!
The girls made signs this time ... Kailee said ~ "Go Lincecum" and on the other side ~ "Eliminate Me" [you'd have to be a true Giants fan to know about that one]
Allie's sign said, "Go Giants" and "Eliminate Me"! The girls were a huge hit with their signs! All of the other Giant's fans loved them!
Allie showing holding up her sign! Adorable!


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