Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Slide Waters"

We put our free season passes to good use yesterday! The kids have really been wanting to go back to the water slides! We all went down the lazy river a few times, the boys loved that. Alliyah was lovin' the lazy river too because she 'swam' the whole thing like the big girls!

First ride of the day - Honolulu.Half.Pipe

We were able to go near the side of the slide to watch Daddy & Sissy go on. The munchkins were cheering them on.
JuJu & Daddy
Kaylors entertaining her brothers ... falling backwards
Rena, Kailee, & Allie
I am your robot friend, I'm here to help you ... Yo Gabba Gabba
He loved swimming
Daddy chillaxin
The boys wave jumping
Catching some air
Lovin' the wave pool
Down the slide
Out of the pirate ship
Still wave jumping ... think he could have stayed there all day
Baby got back [or air]! lOl
Daddy N' Kailee catching some waves

Not sure, but she likes this pix ... hehe
JuJuBe & Daddy
DaeDae N' Daddy
Pookie Bear
Lovin' Life
He was a dancin' machine out there

Daddy and his boys
There's Just
Crazy kids on the .Cliffhanger.
Look @ KK's piggy tails
K's in there somewhere, she made quite a splash

Such a mean Mommy! Lil tears rolling down his cheeks and I'm snapping pixs! He was sad that he couldn't go on the Cliffhanger with Daddy and Sissy! But he's still so darn cute even when he's sad!

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  1. OMG Gena - these photos are so great!! I love looking thru your blog for inspiration more than I do professional photography blogs.

    I nominated you for an Honest Scrap blog award - check out my blog at to see how to get it :)