Saturday, July 25, 2009

Great America + a lil more

Saturday marked the third annual ... Zaragoza Great America trip! I think this year was the best so far, maybe because I wasn't preggo and because it wasn't 80 bagillion degrees, lOl! We all had a really great time though. I forgot my 'big' memory card though, so I don't have very many pixs!

Getting a lift from Uncle Steve

Raz & Eri are crazy! Kailee really wanted to do this with them, but Daddy wants her to wait a couple more years!
Here they come
These kids smaller then Kailee were in line to do this! If we all weren't so hungrey we would have stayed to watch them!
"Uncle Becky" & Nater'sAuntie Jen & DaeDae


There is a lil bridge where you can go and shoot people with gysers ... so, that's what we did. I sat there with the camera, so at first everyone was waving and cheesing for their picture. Until they noticed Doobie & John then they all started screaming and trying to hide! Just so happen both of our families rafts got stuck together, so they kept getting bombed on! Bwhahaha! Looks like the three of us will never be riding that ride unless everyone else is with us! =)
Kailee is in there some where!

Lyssie Lou
Shel took Dae back on the Eagle ride, fun stuff
Kailee taking Nate on the roller coaster

Judging by the pix Daddy had more fun then Damon, hehe

Leann & Spidey on the swings

After four trips down the Drop Zone and some super delish funnel cake we headed home! Can't wait to go back next year! We got home around midnight.

And then ...

Got up Sunday morning, got all the kiddos ready and headed down to Elk Grove for lil Max's 1st birthday party [my friend, Sara's, lil boy]! The party was at an aquatic center, really cool lil place! We are going to try and make it back there to play before the end of summer! I took one pix the whole time [stole one other from Sara] ... when 3 outta 4 kids don't know how to swim ... let's just say I had my work cut out for me! :D

After we got home from the party and ate some dinner, Ray and I went outside with the kiddos to play! Once it started getting dark we all sat together on the porch! Let's just say one of us didn't make it ...


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