Thursday, July 16, 2009

Half Moon Bay

Yay, we finally got to go to Half Moon Bay! Fun stuff! It was about 70 there [nice break from the 100 degree weather @ home], so the weather was perfect for sitting out in the sun! The water was fa-reezing though, but do ya think that stopped the kids [or me] from getting in it ... nope! We really LOVE going to the beach, so we are getting in the water no matter what, lOl! Later in the evening it started to get a lil chilly, so I changed the kids into sweatshirts and jeans and tried to get all some of the sand off in the lil shower thingy, um, riiight! I'm still finding sand, haha!

Alliyah stayed in the water all day! She was having a blast on her boogie board ... plus she got to bring her bestie along and they hadn't seen each other for about a month! They missed each other lots! Justin adored the sand and kept laying down in it [pictured below]! Damon didn't want to get too close to the 'big water' because he swore there were sharks in there ... guess he's technically right! Kailee and I hung out most of the day ... we played beach volleyball, went boogie boarding, and layed out and relaxed!

I believe the plan is to head back next week, but I think we'll be spending the night this time! Can't wait!

She kinda looks like she knows what she's doing
PlayingSurfin' in the USA w/his crazy hair
He layed like this feeling the sand for a good part of the day, hehe

Come on, Daddy, let's go!
It looks like there is bird flying into the side of Kailee's head, haha

Being goofy
Trying not to picture overload, so we'll try a collage! I so many pixs, lOl!
I am well aware that everything I write now has a line through it, but I've given up trying to fix it! lOl

**Double click collages to make them bigger!

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