Monday, July 20, 2009

A visit to the zoo

Takin' a drink of agua

Giraffes are amazing creatures

We delivered on our promise to the boys to take a trip to the zoo! They loved the animals at Marine World so much we had to go to the zoo! Ended up being a great day to go because it was about 30 degrees cooler there then where we live, so escaping the 100+ degree weather is ok by me!

The Oakland Zoo is one of our fav's and I think we've visited every other major zoo in Cali ... San Deigo, San Francisco, and Sacramento! We like it because it's not too big, lOl! We hit the San Deigo zoo during a major heat wave, so my opinion on that zoo may be a little jaded! ;)

Let's go sissy
Daddy & JuJu on their way to check out the monkeys
Look, look ... over there!
Big Sissy helping Lil Sissy walk through the lily pads
Turtle Power
Cowabunga ... secretly having fun! The hard life of a tweenager!
Right over there
On the train ride
View on the train ride ... not to shabby


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