Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kailee's Spa'rty ... Part I

The girls before their fabulous pampered spa day
I'll do the usual two part-er birthday party posts since there are always waay too many pixs! As usual, the first part is the decor, but I threw in a few pictures of the girls because I probably won't have time to blog the second part for a couple of days!

For Kailee's party this year we went with a spa theme! It was lots of fun! Thank goodness I had lots of helpers because there is no way I could've pulled this off by myself! We had a mani/pedi station, we did facials, make-up, hair, and last but not least the girls walked down the runway in their fashion show!

About three hours into the party [yes, the looongest party ever] ... Ray's family came over to do cake and ice cream with us and watch the fashion show! The fashion show was great, the girls were way more outgoing then I had expected ... they were waving, blowing kisses, and posing! Ray's family defintley enjoyed it!

The waiting room

The bookcase no longer housing picture frames and knick knacks ... it was transformed for the spa oasis!

The menu
Lyss & Kailee ordering from the menu

Heart shaped sandwiches

Table Settings
Candy shaped hand towels that I made as part of the party favors

The other part of the party favors
Party favor table
The bathrobes

The foot towels @ the pedi station

lOl, Allie in a zen like state
Cuz he was freaked by the green stuff
Facial Time
Mani Station

Cutie Pie Karlie Soaking
Getting ready for the runway ... their dressy, funky look
Outfit change ... casual! Although, Kailee looks like she's off to the roller derby! :D


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  1. OMG, it looks AMAZING!!! How much fun...can you pencil me in for a mani~pedi!