Monday, August 24, 2009

Sneak Peek *Updated*

My pictures have been sealed in a top secret envelope [or folder] ... I've been sworn to picture secrecy because Kailee wants her new hair to be a surprise when she sees her Mom. Here are the pictures I'm 'allowed' to share, hehe!

BTW, she cut A LOT, but I'm not allowed to say how much, but it's A LOT [did I say it's A LOT] ... she's donating it to Locks Of Love, so at least it's for a great cause! I donated my hair last year to Locks Of Love, I was really, really nervous when I went in to chop it all off! Kailee, however was hardly nervous at all! She was super excited about her new 'do' for Junior High [Oh.em.gee]!

Her 'moral support'

Alliyah has never cut her hair ... she has only had her hair trimmed, but we finally broke down and let her cut some off!

She is so cute ... she was worried that nobody at school would recognize her, lOl!

It's safe to show Kailee's new do ...

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  1. She looks beautiful! Did her mom like it? Did her mom know she was going to get her hair cut to begin with? :)