Monday, August 17, 2009

Spa'rty Part II

Finally, part II of the Spa'rty! Here are some party pixs ... even though this is like so two weeks ago, lOl!
Getting ready to eat
Cheers to Kailee

Probably the only down fall of the party ... having to touch other kids feet! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a lil freaked out by this, lOl!
He snuck in @ some point! hehe

I'm lookin' like a hot mess, but I had already been slavin' away all day! =)

Time for make up
Um, WOW!

Um, WOW again! It's a glimpse into the future and it kinda freaks me out!

Fashion show
They took the 'run way' literally at first! haha

Happy Birthday, princess!!

LOUDER! Lil Booger!

Make a wish

Making up a dance

Cute present!!

Thanks again to all the mama's and grandmama's that helped out ... could not have pulled it off with out all of you! Also thanks to everyone that came, it was a blast!!


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