Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kailee's birthday present

Surprise ... or NOT! Long story short Ray thought I was motioning with my apparently horrible body language to tell Kailee her birthday present [pre-opening her already almost two month early birthday presents]! lOl! He ever excitedly yells, your going to the Jonas Brother's concert! After I almost spit out my drink ... he realized that he wasn't supposed to say that! Kailee is already jumping up and down and hugging both of us, so he wasn't sure what to do ... he says, um, never mind you aren't going! lOl! Talk about a wave of emotions! Of course, we told her she really was going, haha! It wasn't exactly how I had imagined giving her her present, but she was still just as excited as I had imagined!

Kailee and I are off to see the Jo Bros tomorrow! Probably one of the last years that it won't be totally embarrassing to go to a concert with your Mum, hehe! She's been trying to teach me their songs! Ray's been learning them too, bwahaha ... he has his own versions though, and I keep getting his versions and the real versions confused! Kailee has been quizzing me on the lyrics, so hopefully I'll know the songs by tomorrow! :D


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