Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day Of School

Officially a 1st grader and not wanting anymore pixs, lOl!
Not sure who was more excited for the first day of school ... Kailee or Alliyah
Walking to school
Getting a special phone call from Grammie
She was fine until we actually got into the school and then she turned into a big ball of nerves! You can even tell in the picture how nervous she was!
Officially a Pre-K'r and cute as ever
He got a lil nervous too!
His lil cubby

Putting his name up

Both of them had a great days! The first day could not have gone any better! Alliyah was excited because she ended up seeing a few kids she knew during recess ... some girls she played softball with and plays soccer with! Damon has a few kids in his class from last year, and he gets to be in the same teachers class, so he's an old pro! Very proud of both of them!

P.S. Allie got her first timed math test back yesterday and she got 99% ... woo-who!


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  1. Oh goodness! The little one sitting at the desk (Aliah?) that's about the time I'd cry and ask my mom for her bracelets, I'd borrow them all day so that I wouldn't miss her! Hecka sad huh? Now MY kids are like seeya later! =/